School Registration

Two middle school students in a classroom with other kids.

New and Returning Students 

All new and returning K-12 students register at their neighborhood school. You can find your neighborhood school on the School Locator web page.

  • Returning students are students who left PSD and are returning back to a PSD school. Current PSD students do not need to re-register every year to go back to the same school. 

Students wishing to attend a school outside their attendance area must submit a School Choice application.

Online Registration Available

  • If you have questions about registration, please call the school your child will be attending.

PSD Students Moving to a New School

  • Current PSD students who are moving to a new school should contact their current school to withdraw and their new school to register. Students moving from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school do not have to contact their schools. 
  • Fifth grade students are pre-registered at their neighborhood feeder middle school in February. Contact each middle school for registration details.
  • Eighth grade students are registered at their neighborhood feeder high school. Contact each high school for registration details.
  • Fifth grade and eighth grade students wishing to attend a middle or high school outside their attendance area (or for a program continuation), must submit a School Choice application.


Transitions to Middle and High School

PSD has special orientation days to help students new to middle or high school transition into their new school and routine.

Fifth graders will be contacted by their middle school in the spring and then as incoming sixth graders, attend a special orientation at the start of the school year. 修车大队 also have programs that pair sixth graders with an upperclassman "buddy" to help them learn the ropes during the transition.

High schools have special orientations for incoming ninth graders with upper class mentors available to guide new students. Please contact individual schools for details about the programs.

PSD Retention Guidelines

Some teachers or parents/guardians may want to hold a student back a grade for a variety of reasons. PSD considers these requests following these guidelines.


Accessibility in PSD

修车大队 is committed to the inclusion of all individuals. As part of this, PSD strives to make district services, program, activities and information accessible to everyone.

  • If you need an accommodation or modification to participate in PSD programs, please email your request to
  • If you have difficulty accessing information from the PSD website or would like information in an alternative format, please email the Communications Department at
  • Learn more about accessibility in PSD. >>